Sunday, 24 April 2016

Visit to the Market

Taking advantage of the great atmosphere of collaboration between parents and school, last Friday we visited the MARKET.  

The activity was completely organized and created by a group of mothers.  In addition  16 mothers (and a few fathers) came to the market with us. In small groups, 3 or 4 children per mother, children walked around the different stalls to complete the questionnaire which was also created by these wonderful mothers. Besides that, in one of the stalls they were waiting with snacks: chorizo, salchichon and cheese. 

We finished the activity eating an apple and taking a photo with Alberto Churriguera and Conde Francos, the architect and promoter of the Plaza Mayor respectively. We enjoyed all very much. We can only say thank you very much to these parents,  on behalf of the school and your children, for these wonderful proposals. Thank you very much for getting us to the reality of the street with such a beautiful and so well organized activity.

There was a final surprise: our activity was in the newspaper the next mornig!


  1. Good job, both parents and teachers! It looks as they really had a great time there! It's wonderful to see how many things kids can learn just by visiting a market ( with good activities prepared by adults, of course). Congratulations.

    1. Thanks a lot, my friend. It was a great day. Children were engaged and working actively all the morning. It was also great seeing them trying to apply what they know to a real context learning experience.