Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Guess the animal

Schleich toys bring the jungle (and the forest, and the farm, and the ocean) right into your classroom. Realistic Schleich animal toys make creative play and learning so much fun. The animal play worlds created by Schleich over the years are a true reflection of nature on a smaller scale. Spanning from the lost world of the dinosaurs to domestic and wild animals of today, there's a hand painted figurine to appeal to every young animal wrangler. Designed with input from teachers, parents and children, Schleich toys are made to fit a child's hands and encourage creative play. All it takes is a bit of imagination to bring a Schleich figurine to life.

Today we employed this powerful educational resource to identify and classify animals at the same time we played a guess the animal game based on the following questions. 

Is it a vertebrate or an invertebrate animal?
Is it a carnivorous animal?
Is it a herbivorous animal?
Is it an omnivorous animal?
Is it a big or a small animal?
Can it fly?
Can it swim?
Can it walk?
Is it a viviparous or an oviparous animal?
Is it a mammal?
Is it a reptile?
Is it an amphibian?
Is it a fish?
Is it a bird?
Is it an insect?
Does it live on land?
Does it live on water?
Is it a farm or a wild animal?
Has it got horns?
Has it got tusks?
Has it got gills?
Has it got fur?
Has it got hair?
Has it got scales?
Has it got whiskers?
Has it got claws?
Has it got feathers?
Has it got a beak?
Has it got a tail?

The following videos and pics were of great help.

And last but not least the students practiced writing about their favourite animal.

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