Friday, 29 April 2016

Mother's Day

Here I share this beautiful article from HISTORY CHANNEL with you. It is about the origin of Mother´s Day:

In these pictures you can see the great environment we had in YEAR 4 class when we were working on a CARD to remind our MOTHERS HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE!!!

These are some of our creations: 


We had a very special class today.  Roberto and Eva, Carlos' parents, have brought GWYN and ASHLEY with them to our class.

We have been talking about NEW ZEALAND, We have known animals that do not exist here. I share with you the presentation ASHLEY and GWYN have used this morning.

I can only say THANK YOU, one more time, to the parents in my YEAR 2 GROUPS. YOU ARE GREAT!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Earth day in Germany

In Germany we also teach our children about the importance to save our world, our nature. We organize lessons, projects and learning possibilities outside the school- closed to the nature. They should feel, smell, taste, hear and see our nature. So they can love and save the world.
Our children love to go for some days into a youth hostel to spend the time with doing science project with experts, special and their own teachers. This very youth hostel in Gera is nearly in the middle of the wood.
From the 18th to the 22nd of April two classes stayed there for 5 days. They went for hiking, they built huts, they made things out of wood, they cut trees and they created a mask play on the nature stage in the wood.
In the afternoons the spent lots of time together: going to the cinema, going for bowling, climbing, romping around, sitting around a campfire, playing games, having the meals. They stayed over night, ofcourse. They discovered the nature and were enjoying the whole adventure.
The parents pay for this week around 75€. Some get the money back from the social security.
Grit Meßerschmidt

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


The pupils of our School learnt this song "Change the world!" and tried to find solutions to save the planet during a long conversation.

Students in our School

Mrs Helene Lanore, teacher in Saint Therese´s School in Clermont Ferrand submitted to trainee teachers the ERASMUS + project during the meeting on the 4th of April.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Working with computers in year 1

We wrote our first little stories about the spring.

Later we wrote some personal description about birds in Germany.

Math year 1

We are working in math in year one with Lego into the number space between 0 and 20. At first we doubled/ reflected with the mirror and counted.

Later on we use the Lego bricks to visualize the steps: to count to ten at first and than add the rest of the summand.

Our project and Podlaska Educational Platform

The project’s website  and its brief description has been added to Podlaska Educational Platform – an online environment for sharing educational resources, which began operating in December 2015 . It is addressed to teachers, methodologists and representatives of educational units and it is also created by them .

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Visit to the Market

Taking advantage of the great atmosphere of collaboration between parents and school, last Friday we visited the MARKET.  

The activity was completely organized and created by a group of mothers.  In addition  16 mothers (and a few fathers) came to the market with us. In small groups, 3 or 4 children per mother, children walked around the different stalls to complete the questionnaire which was also created by these wonderful mothers. Besides that, in one of the stalls they were waiting with snacks: chorizo, salchichon and cheese. 

We finished the activity eating an apple and taking a photo with Alberto Churriguera and Conde Francos, the architect and promoter of the Plaza Mayor respectively. We enjoyed all very much. We can only say thank you very much to these parents,  on behalf of the school and your children, for these wonderful proposals. Thank you very much for getting us to the reality of the street with such a beautiful and so well organized activity.

There was a final surprise: our activity was in the newspaper the next mornig!

Different celebrations on the 22nd and 23rd April

As you know, on 22nd April Earth Day is celebrated. Year 5 pupils watched this video that is from this previous post: The giving tree and they connected the video ideas with what they understood as taking care of nature and the Earth.

Some days before, some pupils went to a square in the neighbourhood of the school and they planted some flowers. Different businesses, organisations, schools,etc. that are in the neighbourhood are creating these small gardens and pupils have to water and look after the plants.


Then  we were talking about 'Book day' celebration on the 23rd of April. As you may know, this year it is celebrated the 400th anniversary of two very famous writers: Cervantes and Shakespeare's death. I played these videos about Cervantes and Shakespeare so that they know more about them.

These two are for kids, they are in Spanish. The second one is about a very famous chapter in Don Quixote, the most famous book by Cervantes.

We were also talking about Saint George, the patron of England which is the 23rd as well. A week before we had been visiting some monuments in Salamanca, and in some of them Saint George is represented. Here you have a proof of it.

Here you have a video about the story of Saint George and the Dragon for the kids:

Lots of important celebrations on the 22nd and the 23rd of April, and lots of cultural aspects to learn from them!

Early years pupils working with Story Tales

Early Years pupils have been creating different stories in small groups and then they had to explain their invented stories to their classmates. They were developing colaborative skills and creativity as well. Here you have the nice results:

Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth day, 22nd April at G Rodari Primary School, Saronno

On 22nd April  is Earth  day.
Different activities in class 1 at G.Rodari Primary School ( Saronno)  and ousides.  From Science to Art.
Famous painting about nature, reflecting about the beauty of our planet,talking about the environment, choosing respectful actions.
They read books about the environmental treasures:

Children of class 1 worked in groups to create different natural landscapes: from the wood to the sea.

The planet Earth is our treasure! Save it! Don't litter in woods and forests! in the parks ,too!
The men have to protect nature!It's a social responsibility!

The nature:be respectful with plants and animals
Avoid pollution in the seas and oceans. 
Sea Life is wonderful

And after working with lego bricks they danced  and sung for celebrate  this day.
It's important to develope an environmental responsibility from chilhood.
They walked outside the school and went to drinkable water dispenser in order to understand how to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Class 2 used lego bricks  ( from lego storystarter kit) to create and describe environmental responsability


in the nature ...
and in the city...
respecting flowers, plants and animals.
The students have surely understood the value of simple actions to help pout planet and our future!
Let's join us! add the activities in your schools!