Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth day, 22nd April at G Rodari Primary School, Saronno

On 22nd April  is Earth  day.
Different activities in class 1 at G.Rodari Primary School ( Saronno)  and ousides.  From Science to Art.
Famous painting about nature, reflecting about the beauty of our planet,talking about the environment, choosing respectful actions.
They read books about the environmental treasures:

Children of class 1 worked in groups to create different natural landscapes: from the wood to the sea.

The planet Earth is our treasure! Save it! Don't litter in woods and forests! in the parks ,too!
The men have to protect nature!It's a social responsibility!

The nature:be respectful with plants and animals
Avoid pollution in the seas and oceans. 
Sea Life is wonderful

And after working with lego bricks they danced  and sung for celebrate  this day.
It's important to develope an environmental responsibility from chilhood.
They walked outside the school and went to drinkable water dispenser in order to understand how to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Class 2 used lego bricks  ( from lego storystarter kit) to create and describe environmental responsability


in the nature ...
and in the city...
respecting flowers, plants and animals.
The students have surely understood the value of simple actions to help pout planet and our future!
Let's join us! add the activities in your schools!

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  1. Good job, Marzia!! Lots of interesting activities!