Tuesday, 31 March 2015

LEGO on the road

On Sunday, 29th March, thanks to the cooperation of parents of Primary school Rodari and Giocheria, Landoni, Saronno, it was possible to involve children in a moment of " Lego on the road".

On  a big carpet they could play with Duplo Bricks, alone or in a group .

Meanwhile at the tables you could have fun building with Lego bricks .

Children have shown their creativity and imagination, also involving some dads who liked Lego as much as their kids.

A great occasion to share our Erasmus+ Project with other citizens, explaining main aims and methodology.

          Moreover sweets, candies an lollipops: great fun for all!

The easiest way to learn fractions with LEGO

The true Easter story

One of our teachers, Mrs Meßerschmidt taught the children in ethics the real Easter story. The pupils have built it with the Playmo stuff they brought in partly by themselves. So they understood the whole story much better.
The scenes the kids put into a power point story together with the texts. Here are some sequences.

Happy Easter to all of you!

One Mole Digging a Hole

To continue the topic of the mole and following our Spanish friend's great idea with the book, we can introduce another book for younger students and a song. It's not only about the mole but different animals. We can also practice numbers 1-10 and appreciate all the great work animals do in our garden;)

The Story of the Little Mole...

The Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business is, quite simply, one of the funniest books you are ever likely to read, with its unusual take on a natural bodily function combined with a simple tale of nature and discovery.

When the little mole of the title discovers a pile of, well, pooh, on his head, he is absolutely certain that it doesn't belong to him, but sets out on a mission to discover who exactly the culprit really is. His investigation takes him into the world of many animals, as he wanders and compares the pile on his head to the piles that animals leave behind them.

Outrageously funny, this cracking little book is an absolute delight and not only gives children the chance to talk about one of their favourite topics for discussion, but is also an intriguing way of introducing the idea of a nature trail, taking them on a trip that will leave them both laughing and learning.

Perfect for children,of course, but if you are stuck for gift ideas for the adults in your life you may need to look no further.

Prepositions of place with LEGO

Our 2nd grade pupils were practising prepositions of place. It wasn’t so easy but thanks to this video and Lego Education and StoryStarter we had lots of fun.

By Anna Dołżyńska 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Building Licence – Ready, Set, Build!

Objective: Pupils will create a Class Guidelines List and demonstrate the knowledge they have gained from the last three activities to receive a Building Licence.

Activity steps

1. Invite the pupils to recall the brick names list they created. Tell them that today they will create a “brick guidelines list”. Ask the pupils to brainstorm the guidelines for successful construction. Write them where everyone can see.

2. Ask the pupils to use their LearnToLearn sets and ask them to select the eight bricks shown in the sidebar illustration using the names from the brick names list.

3. Ask the pupils to build a duck, any way they like, using all eight bricks. As they build, remind them of the guidelines they have created.

4. When the pupils have finished building, ask them to label and place their ducks together so they can compare them. How are they similar and/or different? Pointout that each pupil used the same bricks, yet each duck is unique! The pupils canadapt their approach when completing future activities because they are all unique individuals!

5. Congratulate the pupils on following the guidelines. Hand out a Building Licence for each pupil to fill in.

6. Ask the pupils to tidy up using the Element Overview or the Mr. Learnie model.

Lego Movies by Derpi

Some of our students have a great interest in Lego and have just started making their own movies. It is just the beginning, but here is what Jan Trypuć from the 5th grade wanted to share with us:

Thank you for watching:)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Getting started with LEGO Education LearnToLearn

I'm trying to introduce LEGO Education LearnToLearn into my Grade 4 classroom by implementing Building License activities 1 to 3. These three activities will help me to create guidelines and successful management systems for using bricks in my classroom. 

Activity 1: Pupils explore their LearnToLearn sets and practise management skills.

Activity 2: Pupils will sort and categorise bricks in different ways.

Activity 3: Pupils will work together to create a set of common names for their bricks.

Pupils have sorted by colour

Pupils have sorted by shape

Then I will progress to the activity called “Building Licence – Ready, Set, Build!”, in which pupils will demonstrate their readiness to participate in future activities. When complete, pupils will receive Building Licences, which they can display proudly!

Everyone is a special person

In our school last week was the week dedicated to integration and inclusionIn my class we saw the film E. T. directed by Spielberg to begin to talk about the "different".

The children debate, laugh and are moved by E.T. But is the time to reflect on who we are and who are the others.


At the end we made a spaceship where everyone may go up:

if you are happy or sad,
if you are crybaby or sympathetic,
if you are angry or funny,
if you are shy or brave,
if you have long or short hair, blond or brown,
if you have glasses or not

Finally we made original spaceships.

 Our personal booklets are finished, they are all different and they are all beautiful!

Easter story

Because Easter and the holidays are coming we do some Easter activities right now in this very week. Our youngest pupils listened to a Easter story. Then they set their Playmobil bunnies into different scenes and took photos. In the computer they wrote the text in easy way.

This is a very nice Powerpoint presentation about it.
Happy Easter everybody!