Sunday, 1 March 2015

Acting with PLAYMO

MRS LANORE'ss pupils from CM2 worked on traditional tales from Charles Perrault, Hans Anderson or Alphonse Daudet. Divided into groups of 4 or 5 children, they chose the tale that they liked the most and did a summary. And so, they could face a tale's structure, a former vocabulary almost unused today and a verb conjugating system in simple past. Six tales were selected:

- Cinderella
- The Sleeping Beauty
- The Beauty and the Beast
- Puss  in Boots
- The Small Tin Soldier
- Séguin Sir's Goat

Then, with PLAYMO and as a play, they acted their tales in front of nursery school' s and CP 's
Pupils. The youngest loved the direction of these tales and more over the PLAYMO' s castle of the sleeping beauty, the ogre's house in puss in boots, or the ballroom in cinderella. The oldest showed real actor's talent and, thanks to the thunder of applause and heartening, they forgot their stage fright.

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