Monday, 9 March 2015

The Bedroom At Arles with LEGO

This time I wanted to create a tangible activity based around one of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.  I thought a painting of his "Bedroom At Arles" would be perfect.  The activity would allow the children to touch and move around the furniture!  I started with an image of one of his bedroom paintings.  (Did you know he painted this bedroom at least three times?)

For a start my Grade 2 students enjoyed a colouring page of this famous picture.

After that they were all enthusiastically involved in building Van Gogh's bedroom with LEGO bricks.

Here you have their masterpieces.

When they were finished,  the children could arrange the furniture as they wished.  "How would you arrange the furniture if this was your bedroom?"  Some children may notice furniture seems to "fit" only in certain places.  Why are the 2 chairs such different sizes?  Ah, perspective!  

This building fever allowed to learn FURNITURE vocabulary and practise the communicative function expressing the existence and non-existence of something.

There is one bed
There are two chairs
There is one window
There are two doors
There is not a wardrobe. 

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