Saturday, 7 March 2015

Months and seasons and... birthday dates

The months wheel

After a short round up about months, seasons and weather, the students empowered their speakin, writing and reading with their birthdays' month. They create  a wheel with the twelve months, divided in four seasons: they decided  the shape, the colours and how…

The result is  the months wheel.

 They use it to show other mates their birthday:
·         ”My birthday is in April. My birthday is on the 2nd of April. April is in Spring”
·         “When is your birthday?”

After using the first and second person with the proper possessive adjectives (just studied in their mother tongue) each student chose a Playmobyl character.

They have to use properly the third person singular (He/she) and plural ( they) with the right possessive adjectives.

They put the characters on a month on the wheel and introduce him, her or them to the mates. Fun activity for a better fluency in speaking.

After this, using the word bank, they write the previous sentences on a” birthday announcement.” Each group has a writer for the wall poster and a speaker.

They listened to each other catching informations: everyone paid attention!
The last step: a game! Guess who has birthday in June? And in April? They liked the activity very much.

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