Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Sport is fun, even in winter

It often happens we have really harsh winters in Poland. This year we've had a lot of snow for a while. So we decided to benefit from it a bit. We organized a skiing event. The whole school travelled to the North where we have the nearest slopes and we enjoyed ourselves skiing and skateboarding.

By Joanna Kamińska

Healthy eating is what we really love

Students and teachers in our school love eating, we know it all and we admit that too. Moreover, we love it when the things we eat are simply delicious and healthy. That's why we decided to prepare some healthy meals together with 6th graaders. We had loads of fun and we ate everything we prepared.

By Joanna Kamińska

Getting Creative

Our School has been taking part in Creativity contests for a while now. It's become an initial part in our lives. Not only we take part in competitions, but also we organize special events where we invite students from other schools in the area. This yoear we had a lot of fun.

By Edyta Makulska & Aleksandra Kozłowska

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Working With Europass

Great command of foreing languages these days has become a necessity. That is why it is good to be aware of the level of language we have.
We decided to teach our students how to self-assess what they already know about a foreign language. They willingly read about different aspects of languages and cultures. Now they have their own Language Passports where they can write about every cultural experience they witness.

Global Education Week

It's become one of our traditions that we celebrate Global Education Week in our school. This year's main theme is 'The future belongs to us! Balanced development.'
Our students were willing to prepare many different activities such as games and emmigration related lessons as well as they participated in meetings with volunteers who conducted special classes for them.

By Anna Owsieniuk

Miss Fall's Hats

Now, that winter has come and in some of our countries it's pretty severe, it's nice to recall some Fall related memories. This season in our school a competition was organized and students aged 8 had to prepare hats so that they resembled Miss Fall's Hat. As a result we got many beautiful hats.

By Iwona Tylman, Dorota Tomczak

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fountain Experiment

In this science experiment our fifth graders made a water fountain powered by the force  of air pressure. They used two jars, a bowl, straw and plastic tube. And as you can see in the photos the fountain did work.

 by Agnieszka Drowanowska
and Anna Dołżyńska

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lego WeDo: The Goalkeeper

Today in our workshop, we used Lego WeDo to make "the goalkeeper."

Then we played penalty kicks ... and it was difficult to score a goal. 
We had a very good time.