Friday, 30 October 2015

Inside your body!

Year 4 students are studying the different organs and systems in the human body. They are working this interesting topic in three different subjects: ENGLISH, SCIENCE and ARTS AND CRAFTS.  They are enjoying working cooperatively. In the pictures you can see them engaged creating displays with the different systems. 

By  María García Arroyo

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Gruffalo

 The following are links to resources we have been using. Hope you like them and find them useful. 

In these pictures you can see YEAR 2 students who are already working on THE GRUFFALO. They are designing houses for the FOX, THE MOUSE, THE OWL and THE SNAKE.  Coming soon to our ERASMUS + blog (as soon as they are finished).

Lego lesson in II B

      This time we used our fenomenal LEGO to make something special about the new book "Szewczyk Dratewka" which we were talking about in the class. All children in 4 groups had to make the whole story about the brave boy who decided to release the princess who was imprisoned in the castle. They made a few scences and told about it to all other children in the class. The effect? - brilliant!
        Have a look:)

                                                                                                                     by Lucyna Kloza

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Artists as Arcimboldo

The pupils of class 1st have observed Arcimboldo 's paintings with fruits and vegetables. At a distance, his portraits looked like normal human portraits.
Spring, 1563 Royal Academy of fine Arts in San Fernando

Summer, 1572, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Austria
Autumn, 1573, Louvre Museum, Paris

                                                     Winter, 1573, Paris Louvre Museum


However, individual objects in each portrait were actually overlapped together to make various anatomical shapes of a human. They were carefully constructed by his imagination. Besides, when he assembled objects in one portrait, he never used random objects. Each object was related by characterization

In the Autumn portrait pupils find out the names of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

They have learnt the names of fruit and vegetables in English.

They have observed colors and shapes.

They have touched, smelled and also tasted some of them.

They have painted the Autumn portrait of Arcimboldo.

At least they have composed in groups their own Autumn Portrait, choosing the different elements and explaining why.

They liked this activity very much.

They already asked me about Winter Portrait. Try!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Our pets need our respect

With the same idea that Dorotea Borsuk and Anna Owsieniuk told us ( Extracurricular classes - "Angels in our school" ) in our school, Year 1 and Early Years, have been working on raising their awareness about respecting their pets.

They learnt about their pet's needs:
- Exercise
- Socialization
- Nutrition
- Hygiene
- Health Care

Having a pet is a decision that should be thought by the whole family becuase it implies the collaboration of all members.

by Maria del Mar Centeno

Lego planning

The students are working in groups. Books are a good source of inspiration.

 Each group choose a model
 or a setting, eg. the city
 They have to consider the color, more or less the number of bricks and special bricks or characters.
Analyzing, comparing, being creative.
From lower order thinking skills to higher .
A suggestion for all the teachers: we have to consider in planning a lesson the revised Bloom's taxonomy. It's useful to reach better results.

Learning by doing

What a better way to learn about food,than cooking!
 Students of class 4ht with their teacher Nori Boffi discover step by step the recipe of italian pizza.

 Pizza Margherita was invented in Naples in honor of the first queen of Italy, Margherita pizza is the triumph of Italian cusine in the world.
Per 6 servings
For the dough 
2 lb Italian "00" flour 
1 oz fresh yeast
2 cups water
⅜ oz salt
For the dressing
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 lb mozzarella cheese
basil leaves to taste
1 lb canned tomatoes

salt to taste
 For the other kind of pizza you could add whatever you want from salami to grilled vegetables...
Look at the pictures and if you would like print them, cut them out and ask your students to order.         




Step by step they will be guided in making a delicious pizza.

Further steps will be working on food pyramid.

Extracurricular classes - "Angels in our school"

We have organized extracurricular classes in which our pupils learn how to help animals. We teach them that every living creature deserves respect and our attention too. So far we have collected acorns and chestnut fruit for the animals in our town's zoo. We've read "Dog's concerns" by Tom Justyniarski and prepared pictures for the story. And we also promoted World's Animals Day and prepared decorations on the walls in school and origami animals.

by Dorota Borsuk and Anna Owsieniuk

Science at Ease

A Scientix National Conference was held in Warsaw, Poland, on 8 and 9 October 2015. At the event entitled “Science at Ease”, maths and natural science teachers were invited to join discussions. Workshops the attended were designed in a way that introduced them to new educational solutions through active participation and involvement. Two teachers from our school attended this event.

by Agnieszka Drowanowska

Friday, 23 October 2015

Quentin Blake

Year 3 and 4 have been busy creating images in the style of Quentin Blake.

Swimming pool

Our pupils aged 6 to 9 are going to the swimming pool twice a week for seven weeks

Each child learns at a pace through games and lessons to achieve different objectives.Tame water, control ones breath, learn how to swim and improve .

Coat rack

Coat rack
Every morning when pupils arrive in the School, they hang their coat at the coat rack next to their classroom.
But how do they manage to recognize their coat rack?
From 2 to 6 years old, each class created its own label to spot easier their clothes.
Painting, felt tip pens, cutting, sticking... Hère are our different plans.

To memorize different representations of numbers from 1 to 5, pupils handled playing cards sorting and ranking them.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

More happy children!

Well, you know: it is ANIMAL BINGO again. This time it was year 1 B.

Learn to Learn

Today it was the turn of my YEAR 2 A students. It was our first time in the LEGO ROOM: we were very excited. 

All of us were engaged and concentrated on our task. We used LEARN TO LEAR because, as it was the first time we went to the LEGO ROOM, it was a good starting point so as to get in touch with LEGO materials,

Some of us did our task very quickly, others needed some more time. No problem, we were all working and we also helped each other. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Happy Children! (playing ANIMAL BINGO)

Year 1 A students went to the LEGO ROOM today for the first time. We played ANIMAL BINGO. I was very lucky today, I was working with a support teacher and with a student from university.

Here you can see our first two winners.

Two thumbs up! We really liked going to the LEGO ROOM.