Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Van Gogh

We worked on an artistic project about the painting of VAN GOGH named
"La chambre de Van gogh a Arles".

The class was divided INTO 2 groups: those WHO worked on the draw and the others WHO worked on the model.

For that job, we used painting, markers, chalks, small objects, cardboards, shoes boxes, legos .

Thanks to this project, we could work on geometry, shapes, colours descriptions and fauvism.

We displayed our works in the hall of our School.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Gloria Fuertes.

Gloria Fuertes was born in 1918 in Madrid, Spain, where she lived most of her life. She published 15 books of poetry and 34 children´s books before her death in 1998. She became particularly well-known after her collaborations on children´s TV shows. In her work, seh defended equality between men and women, pacifism, and the fight for the environment. With the centenary of her birth in 2017, the recognition of her role in Spanish poetry as a shole during the 20th century have increased greatly.

Today the students of first grade have heard stories, riddles ...

In the pictures you can see Mrs. Pilar del Teso telling a story titled 

The Weepy Fish

I share with you my own translation of one of the poems by Gloria Fuertes that I like the most:

Con todo se puede hacer algo.
Hasta con un cero
- que parece que no vale nada - : 
se puede hacer la Tierra, 

una rueda,

una manzana, 

una luna,

una sandía, 

una avellana. 

Con dos ceros

se pueden hacer unas gafas. 

Con tres ceros, 

se puede escribir: 

yo os quiero

Something can always be done out of anything.
Even with a zero,
-that seems to be nothing-:

You can make the Earth,
a wheel,
an apple,
a moon,
a watermelon,
a hazelnut.

With two zeros
you can make a pair of glasses.

With three zeros,
one can write:
y0 0s quier0-I love you-.

Thank you very much, Pilar! 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A talking tower

A main aim in language learning is talking about an event. The children should learn to speak in whole sentences and fluently- first in their mother tongue.
I used six bricks to help them to match and remember the sentences. In year 1 the sentences are easy. It was an event in the past. You can also use the present form.

The thunderstorm (white brick)
The clouds became black.
It started to rain cats and dogs.
The meadow became wet.
The firebrigade had to come and help.
After all the sun was shining again.

 It was a thunderstorm the weekend before. The children built the sentences out of their experiences according the colour of the brick I showed to them. After each brick we spoke the story. Then the children wrote the words, drawed the colours and pictures. The next lesson they can tell the story with the bricks in the hand to a partner, create a written story or a drawing.
Children enjoyed. They have spoken clearly and fluently.
Silvia Hoffmann

The talking tower
Colours- words- pictures
Unfortunately the colours are not visible.

"European school"

In Thuringia now there are 29 of these schools- just a few of Primary schools.
We applied for this title because of some special points of the educational concept in our school:
Children learn English from the year 1- in the age of 6 years. They start learning French in year 3-   aged 9. So they become openminded for other languages and cultures in early years.
We take part in different Erasmus+ (former Comenius) projects to share our experiences. Some of our teachers have taken part in language training abroad or jobshadowing. They improve their knowledge and skills for the job as a teacher. In the last years we have being happy about language assistants and teachers from different countries for jobshadowing. Next time we're going to apply for single mobilities, next projects and partner schools.
We are very proud about getting the title just before our schools party on the 10th of May. Guests from the ministery and politics, the mayor of our town, parents, teacher and pupils from the "European school" Ostschule Gera (a secondary comprehensive school) and much more, also teachers and children shared this very moment with us. The choir sang the European hymn.
Our head and the mayor of Gera
The choir "Kästner- Kids"
An "European cake"

Ambassadors at our school

During our last transnational meeting we celebrated a huge schools party called "We travel around Europe". Lots of ambassadors of their countries stayed with us and did some activities out of their culture and living. Thanks a lot dear guests!
Italian teachers showing their material
Drawing welsh love spoons

Polish dancing

French charme

Spanish fun in chair dancing

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Europe Day

All classes of our school joined themselves in the middle of the playground to celebrate the european day.
Young and older pupils realized a big sign about a member of the european union.
Dressed with a bue TEE shirt on which IT was written "bonjour " in all different languages , they marched to stand around the european flag.
A very deep moment full of symbol.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Thank you Erich Kästner School!

Dear friends in Gera, here you have the proof that your “high tech device” has come in handy.  In my year-6 German class we had great fun cleaning the blackboard “the German way”.  We are still working on the right technique though... Thanks again for your thoughtful present, the great meeting in Gera and making us all feel so welcome. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Transnational meeting Gera (Germany)

From the 6th till the 12th of May the last transnational meeting took place in Gera in Germany. 15 guests from Wales, Poland, France, Spain and Italy visited the "Erich Kästner" primary school in Gera.

We met our guests at Leipzig.
On Monday they visited our classes and did some little activities in ther mother tongue with them.
The childrens loved it.

On Tuesday was "European day" and  we were at the State Chancellery and the European Information Centre in Erfurt. 

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were back at school, visited lessons, visited a secondary school and a kindergarden and held some project meetings. The highlight was the schoolfestival at wednesday in the afternoon. Each delegation presented their country and did some little activities with our pupils.

Thank you so much for your work during this week!!! 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Collodi's parent-teacher association (PTA)

Collodi's PTA is a no-profit, non-party association started last year by a group of parents whose children are part of our school.

The association's aim is to give rise to interesting and stimulating socio-cultural initiatives for the children of our school.

The association just recently organized a party to celebrate Mother's day in Saronno.

Parents set up several workshops and laboratories to stimulate children's creativity.

The association set up booths for Mother's day in our school. They sold homemade baked cakes, biscuits and cards dedicated to moms!