Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas crackers in 3rd class

This year I told my students the preparation of the typical Christmas crackers to know and investigate aspects of British culture.
Each child brought and shared the materials needed: toilet rolls, paper gift, ribbons and a little gadget surprise. 
Working in pairs children have made their Christmas chores. 
Together we prepared a Christmas card in English .

In the evening the children presented a show and Christmas carols to parents.
After in class the kids had to open Christmas crackers also finding sweet surprises.

Christmas lego

The children of first and third class of primary school Rodari work together to create an holy crib with lego bricks.
The older children of 3rd class act as mentors to younger.
Collaboration, fun and fantasy and this is our results.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

We wish you a merry Christmas (Englisch and German)

The year 2015 is nearly over - it was a pleasure for us to work together with all the different teams of different country. We all wish you a very merry Christmas, stay healthy and have a happy new year! Year 1 is sinning for you in English and German.

Lego Movie

This week our children in year two made in groups their own Christmas Stories with Lego or Playmobil. After they used the Lego Movie App (it´s for free) on our new Ipads and made lots of photos to get a movie. They had a lot of fun and they were very creative. On the laptops they wrote their stories. At the end we chose music and the kids read the stories. Now they want to use these movies as a Christmas present. 

Happy birthday European flag! Merry Christmas to all!

On the 8th of December 1955 the European flag was created. There are 12 golden stars in a big circle on blue ground. No matter how many member countries- there are 12 stars like the numbers on the clock.
Next to our Christmas tree we show this flag and all six trees and flags inbetween.
Up to the 22nd of December all six schools created a Christmas tree in their schools. After we've changed some ideas of decoration stuff the teacher and pupils were working hard for the tree. In Germany we've got a new schools label from the National agency for our Erasmus+ project. We've put it as a Christmas present at the schools door and as a photograph in the middle of the European flag.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our friends!

Gera, Germany

Clermont- Ferrand, France

Saronno, Italy

Salamanca, Spain

Bialystok, Poland

Swansea, Wales, UK

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Bakery

It is an old tradition in Germany to bake some Christmas cookies with the children before Christmas. Espacially for our children with special needs, it is necessary to do some practical things like this. It was a lot of fun and after that really delicous.

Comparatives with Lego

Using Lego bricks seems to be a good idea while teaching comparatives.
1.      Write on the board examples of comparative adjectives, e.g. tall – taller, fat – fatter, pretty – prettier, dangerous – more dangerous.
2.      Children try to discover the formation of comparative adjectives.
3.      They use Lego bricks to present their own examples of comparatives.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

MoreToMath Year 1

In year 1 we are working on addition and substraction till 10. The kids love to work with the new "MoreToMath"-material.
At the beginning they should build a snake out of 8 nubs and write down the addition task. Later we collected all possibilities and compared it. After that, they did the same with a snake out of 10 nubs and then snakes only using green bricks.

At the end they could built their own snakes and wrote down the addition task. It was amazing to see how motivated they wrote a lot of tasks and checked it independently by counting the nubs.

Advent calendar

A couple of weeks ago I told my Year 5 students to create their own Advent calendar for our German class. They were free to choose everything: design, theme, technique, etc. The only condition was to include words in German behind every little paper flap. This way they could do revision on the vocab they had already learned and prepare themselves for an exam we were going to have. The activity was great fun, especially when they had to decorate a wall with their artwork.

This short video shows how busy they were decorating the walls.

This second video is a presentation of all the fantastic and unique calendars they created. I was absolutely thrilled to see how creative they are! I hope you like it!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Chocolate exhibition

We opened our doors during 3 days to the public and to the numerous families who came to see our works based on chocolate.


During our science programme, we studied the solar system and the eclipse, when the moon meets the sun.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Healthy breakfast

It is important to show our students that leading a healthy lifestyle does not only mean eating things we don't like. So we prepared something healthy and tasty for our breakfast. 


cottage cheese
natural yogurt 
rolled oats or cereal 
dried apricots
pumpkin seeds
orange / banana

The results: Amazing :)

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Food Town

Children of third class have worked in small groups to build “The food town”.
The groups of pupils have chosen their food shop to build: The Greengrocer, The Bakery, The Chocolate House, The Milk and Cheese Shop, The Ice Creamer, The Pizzeria, The Fish and Chips Shop.
At the end of the construction work, each group has shown and described to the others the job done.
After the team work and the presentation to the class, all the single buildings and the lego characters have been placed by the children on the platforms with shop signs and some comics.
The children have learnt new linguistic structures and English words copying  cartoons, drawing and colouring pictures. They were able to work with precision, creativity and cooperatively.

The Bakery

The Little Ice Creamer and the ice cream truck

A great concentration to rebuild for the third time the ice cream shop!

We have decorated our construction drawing and cutting out pictures.

At the Food town people eat lots of vegetables!

We like fish and chips...

…But the Italian pizzeria is our favourite place where going to eat!

The Food Town Tower

The Food Town at the end of our job