Friday, 11 December 2015

The Food Town

Children of third class have worked in small groups to build “The food town”.
The groups of pupils have chosen their food shop to build: The Greengrocer, The Bakery, The Chocolate House, The Milk and Cheese Shop, The Ice Creamer, The Pizzeria, The Fish and Chips Shop.
At the end of the construction work, each group has shown and described to the others the job done.
After the team work and the presentation to the class, all the single buildings and the lego characters have been placed by the children on the platforms with shop signs and some comics.
The children have learnt new linguistic structures and English words copying  cartoons, drawing and colouring pictures. They were able to work with precision, creativity and cooperatively.

The Bakery

The Little Ice Creamer and the ice cream truck

A great concentration to rebuild for the third time the ice cream shop!

We have decorated our construction drawing and cutting out pictures.

At the Food town people eat lots of vegetables!

We like fish and chips...

…But the Italian pizzeria is our favourite place where going to eat!

The Food Town Tower

The Food Town at the end of our job

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