Thursday, 30 July 2015


The important event dedicated to the display of buildings with LEGO bricks , in conjunction with the event LEGO Build The Change -Build the city of your future- will take place at the Lecco Campus of the Polytechnic of Milan  on 1st and 2nd of August.

ItLUG ( Italian LEGO Users Group ) , the independent community of LEGO  , returns this year to make dream young and old ones  with a new record number of exhibitors :  over 140. This year , in addition to participants from all over Italy , several international participants (German , French and Croatian ) will take part in the event .

The main objective of the event BUILD THE CHANGE is stimulate the builders of tomorrow in order to imagine the world they want to live .Children can look to the future with imagination and creativity , imagining so many changes in a world where anything is possible!

 Millions of bricks waiting for you in Lecco :make your imagination fly!! . For inspiration , there will be nothing better than to walk among the new  dioramas from all over Europe .

Have fun !

Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Lego by night

School is over , but not the pleasure to meet people and talk about our project.
 A lego playground by night, thanks to the toyshop" Giocheria Landoni"in the main square of Saronno, It is an occasion to play freely for the children and for us to meet parents and citizens: public relations are important, aren't they?
Enjoy your summer holidays... always playing  with lego!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Lego Fraction Games for Kid

A great link:

Hope you use it and like it!

Wonder by J.R.Palacio

Fernando Beltrán recommended me the book titled ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio.

‘Wonder’ is about a young boy, August Pullman, who has a congenital facial abnormality. After being homeschooled, he enters school for the first time in fifth grade and has to cope with a range of reactions to his unusual appearance, as well as a lot of typical middle school drama. Some kids use hateful language, and some people suggest that Auggie is mentally deficient. These situations are upsetting, as are other hardships that Auggie's family endures, including loss of a beloved family pet. However, goodness wins out, and readers should find it inspiring and uplifting.

Here you have the webpage where you can even find questions to discuss in your classroom maybe with students at secondary school.

If you are not yet decided to read it, have a look inside the book in this link :

Friday, 10 July 2015

Lego and Maths

I have found this Infographic about activities using LEGO to teach Maths.  Here you have the link to the webpage where the activities are explained. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Trip to the contryside

Pupils from CP (aged 7 )  went with their teachers Joëlle and Florence for 3 days and 2 nights to "la Bourboule", a city next to the countryside.
We visited a goat shed and discovered in science , the life cycle of the goat.
Goat cheese is so delicious!
When we came back, we invited the parents at School for a viewing of photos.

Trip to PUY DU FOU

In june, pupils  from CM1 and CM2 classes went to the  PUY DU FOU in Vendée .
After a boat ride on the " Venise verte", which showed us the wildlife  in the area of " le marais poitevin , we visited during 2 days the amusement park le Puy du Fou and we saw many wonderful performances.
The most amazing one was the evening show called "cinescenie" with more than 3500  voluntary extras who redrew the history of la Vendée, their area.
Pupils enjoyed this stay which mixed history and pleasure.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Project Display Boards in Białystok

In June  the citizens of Białystok had a possibility to get some information about the project as we arranged a display of our work in the local Youth Culture House.

In July you can come and see our exhibition display boards in a coffeehouse Spółdzielnia.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Literature Fair

June was the month when we celebrated the Literature Fair. It was fun for the children of different ages.
Our oldest students entertained us with the modern English version of "Cindirella":

Children made pictures of their favourite characters putting their pictures on the posters or writing the traits of character of the ones presented:

The youngest classes prepared their own plays based on famous fairytales, using socks, vegetables, puppets and other equipment:

Thanks everyone for your effort and joining us! Have a great summer!

Book review

'Suggestions for the Training of Teachers of English in the European Educational Context' is a book written by Ramiro Durán , Sonsoles Sánchez-Reyes and Fernando Beltrán, all of them teachers at different Schools of Education part of the University of Salamanca.
When Fernando Beltrán knew what our project was about, he told me about this book because in a way, it is related with our project.
It is a manual full of suggestions, ideas and experiences. It presents the different European frameworks where the teacher training can take place so that we can enrich our didactic and linguistic approach to the teaching of English.
You can find in the book different ways to introduce vocabulary in the classroom, how to use storytelling, songs and rhymes, guidelines for teaching CLIL, etc.

In conclusion, it is a very valuable book, not only for teachers of English but also for university students who are studying for being teachers.

Democracy- A meeting for the pupils speakers

In our year 3 and 4 the pupils elect their spokesman. They speak about democracy. For one year the choosen boys and girls try to live democracy at school. During the school year they have some meetings to talk about their experiences and to practise some arguments.
In the end they meet and bring their ideas for democracy in. This year they tried to act it out with lego and playmobile. See the PowerPointPresentation.
"Good boys and girls! Thank you!" All twelve were invited to the climbing park. They enjoyed the adventure.
Grit Meßerschmidt
We want to elect.

Beeing arrested for telling another opinion is not democracy.

We don't want to live in fear.

We need fairness and justice.

Our pupils speakers in the local news.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lego and Duplo at the Schools Summer Party at Erich Kaestner Primary in Gera, Germany

Due to our project we offered a special place for our pupils and sibblings to use lego "LearnToLearn" and duplo bricks. We had a carpet and the children enjoyed building and creating different little duplo worlds. Thanks to the parents who had donated this huge amount of duplo bricks.