Monday, 6 July 2015

Book review

'Suggestions for the Training of Teachers of English in the European Educational Context' is a book written by Ramiro Durán , Sonsoles Sánchez-Reyes and Fernando Beltrán, all of them teachers at different Schools of Education part of the University of Salamanca.
When Fernando Beltrán knew what our project was about, he told me about this book because in a way, it is related with our project.
It is a manual full of suggestions, ideas and experiences. It presents the different European frameworks where the teacher training can take place so that we can enrich our didactic and linguistic approach to the teaching of English.
You can find in the book different ways to introduce vocabulary in the classroom, how to use storytelling, songs and rhymes, guidelines for teaching CLIL, etc.

In conclusion, it is a very valuable book, not only for teachers of English but also for university students who are studying for being teachers.

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