Monday, 29 June 2015

Easy lego tasks for young learners

Our young learners are very creative in using lego.
The following easy tasks match their creativity to their knowledge in language, science,... .
These "open" tasks are for different learning types, for which who are fast and those who are slowlier.
So we decided to give a set of "LearnToLearn" to each classroom.

1. All about energy.

Power generator
Wind mill

Water turbine
2. Look for a word in a foreign dictionary and build it.

3. Write a noun and create it in reality.

 Grit Meßerschmidt

Sunday, 28 June 2015

TV news from Bialystok

On 23rd April the information about our project appeared on regional TV.

Herpetology lesson

Our middle school learners visited University of Bialystok, the Institute of Biology, where the Biologists Scientific Circle conducted a reptiles and amphibians workshop. Biology students began their presentation with the reptiles and amphibians identification and taxonomy. 
Then they concentrated on our native species, their basic biology, habitat requirements and their conservation. 
At the end of the workshop all participants had a chance to get up close and personal with both the native animals and the more exotic ones.
Our middle school learners enjoyed themselves having an exciting and engaging lesson on herpetology.

Arrange with us "Kilometres of Generosity"

As a part of the charity campaign ”Kilometres of Generosity” our school circle Caritas organized a raffle, which proved to be a great success. We sold all the lottery tickets to our students within one school break. During this event we managed to collect 310,00 zloty, which gave us 7 meters and several centimetres of generosity. 

For those, who are surprised that we transform money to meters, we must explain that in addition to fundraising for the Rehabilitation and Educational Centre for disabled children, we also tried with other schools, institutions and people of good will from all around Poland to beat the Guinness World Record in arranging coins.
The final action took place in the city centre, where 14 volunteers from our school encouraged passers-by to give a donation to disabled children and in this way to do good deeds.
(by Agnieszka Chudoń)

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The world of our dreams

Our students (Years I, II and class 0) showed us their dreams.

As we organized Lego Building Competition, out children's objective was to create a city, school, house and playground of their dreams.

They had a lot of fun and proved that our views on seeing these places are completely different compared to what our kids want :).

As it was hard to choose the winner, all of them won!

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Bear Educational Theatre - Literature Fair

On 1st June The Bear Educational Theatre visited our school with two spectacles. Our primary school pupils had an opportunity to see Jackie and the Horrible Family - an interactive action-based fairy tale which helps young learners of English learn and practice basic grammar and vocabulary. Our middle school students saw a performance The Detectives. It is an entertaining and interactive love-story/murder-mystery set in an English cabaret. One of the actors is murdered during a performance. The audience work with the actors to discover who the killer was. 

Our students enjoyed the shows very much. They especially liked the possibility to hear native speakers as well as the chance to take an active part in the show. The actors received enthusiastic applause.

The Bear Educational Theatre supports English teaching by producing interactive educational theatre performances and workshops for schools. The performances are produced with professional teacher-actors and are designed to be watched by groups of school students.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pre-assessment video clips with Adobe Voice

Before every assessment, pupils make a video where they deal about what they learnt what they have to remember concerning the lesson. For that, pupils work with the application ADOBE VOICE. They must talk together and focus on the most important points that have to appear on the video.

Then, they make a storyboard using different slides with the written text, sounds and images to insert. And finally, they work on their iPads to complete their videos. Once their task is finished, and when the teacher allows it, the video is published on our Twitter (@classeclements).

Pupils can have a look on it in class whenever they want with the code QR.
Pupils enter the code with the application I-nigma on the iPad and they fall immediately on the video. This is a very interesting toolkit because the child is able to talk about what he learnt, the main ideas of the lesson and he can value his work.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Good Practices for Educational Success

Santísima Trinidad School has just been given the award "Good Practices for Educational Success" by Fundación SM for its project "Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today". The jury of the contest, after assessing 128 educational experiences carried our by different educational centers, awarded eleven of them. These are all considered successful educational experiences carried out in supportive educational environments which are promoting students' academic success.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cookery lessons

This morning my students of year 4 presented  the recipes that they have written (as mentioned on the previous post:
Here you can see some of those presentations:

As you can see in these pictures, students were totally engaged: 

Finally, a few more presentations: 

And the best part of the lesson was...

We have really enjoyed today in class. I thank all my students for their interest, their involvement and their generosity in sharing their creations. They have turned the lesson into  a very pleasant experience.

Constellation Art

Constellation Art

The children were learning all about constellations. Today they used an app called Star chart. You point it to the sky and it shows you all the different constellations. The children then chose a constellation that they would create in the forest using natural materials.

The children would then use Keynote to make a slideshow about the process.

A slideshow of their work.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Learning English and through English 4 - 2014-15: Cookery Lessons

This morning in class have seen that in some British schools students take lessons to learn how to cook:

Learning English and through English 4 - 2014-15: Cookery Lessons

Once again, we have used the textbook as a pretext to invent, this time, our own recipes. The idea is that students imitate the models that our textbook provides. In the post you can see some videos which explains how these recipes are made. I have also included a website where students can find lots of easy recipes for kids:

Lego and tolerance

Our last two hours of an educational lesson we discussed the subject of tolerance. We watched the presentation prepared by our friend Karolina, we had discussions, asked questions, did puzzles which helped us understand the subject closer. We devoted a part of our classes to creating our own versions of understanding tolerance with Lego bricks. These lessons were very educational for all of us. At the end we prepared a newsletter to remind us to be tolerant of yourself and others.

by Lucyna Kloza