Monday, 22 June 2015

The Bear Educational Theatre - Literature Fair

On 1st June The Bear Educational Theatre visited our school with two spectacles. Our primary school pupils had an opportunity to see Jackie and the Horrible Family - an interactive action-based fairy tale which helps young learners of English learn and practice basic grammar and vocabulary. Our middle school students saw a performance The Detectives. It is an entertaining and interactive love-story/murder-mystery set in an English cabaret. One of the actors is murdered during a performance. The audience work with the actors to discover who the killer was. 

Our students enjoyed the shows very much. They especially liked the possibility to hear native speakers as well as the chance to take an active part in the show. The actors received enthusiastic applause.

The Bear Educational Theatre supports English teaching by producing interactive educational theatre performances and workshops for schools. The performances are produced with professional teacher-actors and are designed to be watched by groups of school students.

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