Sunday, 28 June 2015

Arrange with us "Kilometres of Generosity"

As a part of the charity campaign ”Kilometres of Generosity” our school circle Caritas organized a raffle, which proved to be a great success. We sold all the lottery tickets to our students within one school break. During this event we managed to collect 310,00 zloty, which gave us 7 meters and several centimetres of generosity. 

For those, who are surprised that we transform money to meters, we must explain that in addition to fundraising for the Rehabilitation and Educational Centre for disabled children, we also tried with other schools, institutions and people of good will from all around Poland to beat the Guinness World Record in arranging coins.
The final action took place in the city centre, where 14 volunteers from our school encouraged passers-by to give a donation to disabled children and in this way to do good deeds.
(by Agnieszka Chudoń)

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