Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Prepositions of movement

Prepositions of movement can be remembered easily when practiced thoroughly. Here, the students wrote the stories putting the prepositions of place they needed to know and built their stories with LEGO.

One day a man went out of the house. He went across the zebra crossing and then he went through the gate. He went up the stairs, over the river and down the stairs. Next, he went past the tower and then he was walking along the wood. He went towards the supermarket. Then he went across the park. He went into the supermarket, bought some biscuits and returned to his house.

Mietek was a normal person. One day he went to the beach. Mietek went over the bridge because he wanted to go to the other shore. After ten minutes he went into the well for water and he went down. Suddenly, he heard a voice. He went up and went out of the well. Mietek and his new friend went towards the gate. When they went through the gate they walked past an ice cream parlour. They went along the park and they went across the road.

Yesterday I wanted to go to my grandma's, so I came into my garage and took my Stig. I wanted it to give me a lift. So we drove out of the garage. We wanted to go towards the grandma's house. We drove over the bridge. Then a  policeman started chasing us, so Stig drove faster. We decided to have a shortcut, so it drove through McDonald's. After that we drove out of the restaurant. And then up and down the hill. On the other side of the hill there was a flower field, so we drove along this place. Stig lost control and we drove across the road, past a burning cat and killed our grandma.

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