Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Batik techinque

Batik is a technique of dyeing applied to whole cloth. Batik is made either by a string or rope tied around the cloth.

The chidren chose how to tie the string around their own white t-shirt. The applied string allows the blue colour not to enter some part of the cloth, creating circular design.

The batik by soaking the cloth in the blue colour was made by teachers and the day after the children removing the rope.

It's possible repeating if multiple colours are desired.

Children and teachers of class 2, Primary school Rodari, chose the blue color because they worked about water and their school trip was to Como Lake.

There , always connected with water, the chidren became artists with watercolors.

Wonderful results... and a lot of fun!

Weighing scales with lego bricks

The students of 2nd Class, Primary school Rodari, learnt  about  weighing scales with lego bricks

 They understood the pourpose and how the work.
Weighing scalesdevices to meaure weight.

Have a look!

Surprising results!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Learn to Learn activities for different purposes

LearnToLearn sets are great and offer us a huge variety of activities that can be used for different purposes. In this post by Erich Kästner Grundschule, Janine was using it for developing spatial position in maths: Spatial position in Maths
I used the same activity for learning how useful adverbs and prepositions are for giving instructions to people.  

The same activity but different purposes.

Maths in class 1

The children of class 1  in Primary school I.Militi, Saronno, learnt to count  with lego bricks.

They have lego lab every Thursday afternoon.

The work in pairs or in small groups.
They have fun learning Maths.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Europe day and our Erasmus project on the news

Our students were completely involved in Europe day from Pre-primary to Secondary school.

 Pages on the newspapers about our activities and Erasmus project:
A good opportunity for dissemination.

The legend of The Mermaid of Warsaw

Let'start discovering Poland and Warsaw.
Children have observed the coat of arms of the capital city.
We read the legend of the  mermaid.
They found on a visual city map the monuments with the mermaid 's statue.
They colored the picture fo the mermaid and they  learnt in English  the parts of the body.

They enjoyed the activity a lot. Thanks again to our Polish friends for the special days we spent there!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Lego chess

In kindergarten the wooden chess army are sometimes replaced by a fairy-tale land of Lego blocks. Using imagination and creativity pupils form their own army of chess. They built infinite amount of figures, every single one of different shape, and then they learn new chess strategies, tactics and rules.
Have a look at their awesome Lego chess sets.

By Urszula Ulecka


Once upon a time there lived a king who loved changing his mind. One day he ordered his people that every object in his kingdom had to be in a shape of a square. When his wish came true he changed his mind – every little thing had to be in a shape of a circle, then in a shape of a triangle and at last everything had to be rectangular.
Our pupils imagined that they were designers or city planners. Using Lego bricks they presented rectangular, circular, square and triangular objects in the kingdom.

 By Agnieszka Zarachowicz


Display of posters from our different countries.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Others ways to play with lego

 Manipulating shaving foam

Hiding Lego pieces in it

Assembling and playing!!!

I want to present to you this experience which i found very useful especially for childrens with learning difficulties

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Posters and cards

The children enjoyed looking at the lovely posters and cards we brought back from different countries on our return from Poland! They are very eager to respond, watch this space!


We are passionate to maps

The map of Warsaw

The Lego map of our garden

by means of lens and maps discovering the garden

what a beautiful exploreres we are!

harvested natural materials

It's time to play Lego!