Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lego bricks and Religious Education in Primary

The teacher of Religious Education in  Primary school Rodari, Patrizia Prada, tried to involved more chidren in reading episodes about the life of Jesus and the apostles.
The children read and searched information about Peter: his name, Peter (GreekΠετρος, "rock")[ also called Simon (CephasPeter.
The  Roman Catholic Church, Ortodox Church, Luteran Church and Anglican Communion  consider Simon Peter a saint. Roman Catholics believe that the Pope is Peter's successor. For this reason, he is the rightful head of all other bishops.
The children built  fishing boats and discuss with classmates about the episode.

They imagined the event and the meeting between Jesus and Peter.

Some children decide to use wooden bricks to create Peter and his friends' ship
Meanwhile I was writing the word friend's ship a dicovered the inner meaning of friendship! interesting! very intersting!
All the pupils were really involved.

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