Friday, 13 May 2016

4th Transnational meeting- Poland from 16th to 21st

It is incredible to see how quickly time goes by. On Monday we are going to have our fourth Transnational meeting in Poland and we are all looking forward to meeting again and talk about how our project is going. Of course we are going to miss some of our colleagues who won't be there with us.
As this morning I couldn't show my pupils the travel itinerary, I just wanted to post some photos and maps so that they get an idea.

Google Maps tells me that from Salamanca to Warsaw by car would take us 25 hours and about 3000 Km!
We are lucky that we are flying instead! We are going flying from Madrid to Warsaw and it takes us only three hours and a half to get there. If we compare it with the trip by car, it is absolutely great! Although by car it would be really exciting...

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, here you have some lovely photos of it:

Then, we are taking a bus from Warsaw to Bialystok that takes three hours more or less:

Next, we are visiting their school.
Here you have their webpage( click on the image):

As some our pupils have been investigating last week,the currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty. I will bring back some with me so that they can see and touch them!

And here some basic Polish words that I would rather learn:

We will try our best to keep you up to date with the places and the activities we do there!

Thanks to all the Polish teachers and the school for all the planning and preparation that you have done for this meeting to take place there so that we all can enjoy it.


  1. Grande, muy grande, my friend! Love it!

  2. I'm Sofía of 5th B.
    Poland is beautifull!!
    I hope you like Warsaw!!