Monday, 29 February 2016

Ideas for doing handcrafts

Here are some ideas for doing handcrafts in year one or two in math and one card, maybe for "Womens´ Day" or "Mothers´ Day".
"All times 10" 

Mathematics in learning chemistry

Mathematics in learning chemistry :)

How many grams of salt has been dissolved in water if the mass of the solution is 200 grams and the percentage is 20%?

Do you know how to calculate the mass of salt? Our students use LEGO bricks to present the result:)

It's so easy, chemistry is so easy:)

We spent great time in a Fun House!!!!!

Children of  6th class with their teacher Wiesława Grecka spent fantastic time in  the ‘Fun House’ in Białystok. Students in groups of six entered Escape room where they had to find the key, solve some tasks and escape the room. In the end, they had delicious birthday cake (their  class birthday) and interactive games. 

Just take a look!!

By Wiesława Grecka

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Where The Wild Things Are

Here is the starting point and source of inspiration for this post:

I cannot add anything else (only my own work). 

First, we read the story and watched these videos:

I did that with all the groups I am teaching: YEAR 1, YEAR 2, YEAR 4 AND YEAR 6, and I used different LEGO SETS.

With year 1 I used LEGO STORY TALES. 
In the picture you can see Max's room, Max travelling through the sea, and, of course, Wild Things:

With year 2 I used LEGO STORY STARTER.
Our aim was representing Wild Things...

Year 4 also used LEGO STORY STARTER, but in this case, they represented "the wild rumpus:"

And finally, in year 6 I used LEGO We Do. We used the following picture to build a Sailing Boat in storm:

That was the only thing I gave the students. They had to create the same boat without any instruction, just by looking a the picture...

It was difficult, as they had to infer how to connect the motor, the gears and arms. The final test is to connect the boat to the computer and programme it to move as if in a storm. That is the best way to check that their boat works: 

Here I include two links to my blogs in year 1:

and in year 2: 

The culinary delights of our children

In our culinary classes, students learn how to cook healthily and in an enjoyable way. This time they created little hedgehogs.

All made of fruit an yummy. Just take a look.

By Dorota Szubzda

Early Years working with Lego Education

Here you have some Early Years pupils playing and learning with Animal Bingo. They learn how to take turns, recognise shapes, colours and names and characteristics of animals.

It is great to see them playing, learning and enjoying all at the same time!

Photos by Nuria Coca

Warm and Fluffy in class O.

Class O has recently heard the story of Warm and Fluffy. Later they created their vision of the story with LEGO. Each child chose one part of it and in the end they described their works.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that kindness and good are the notions, which once introduced to our hearts, lead to happiness in life.

By Marzanna Karpińska

Clubhouse fun with LEGO

After the lessons, when the children have some time off waiting for their parents, teachers give them another opportunity to use LEGO. This gives them freedom to build freely.

Girls usually create their dream castles, palaces or houses, while boys reconstruct well-known military bases, tanks and other military structures.

Recently; however, one of the boys presented us his vision of a well known story of The Little Match Girl by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. He focused on various parts of the story creating her past, present and prosperous future.

By Dorota Borsuk

Chemistry workshops with the youngest ones

This time we learnt about density. The term itself, when introduced properly, can be great fun too.

The experiment we tried to conduct was called 'The rainbow'.

The results - see for yourselves.

By Agnieszka Drowanowska

Friday, 26 February 2016

Elmer from Scholl To school

As in Mercedes'class the children of class 1 empowered their  reading skill with Elmer.
Each child  drew himself as Elmer's friend.

They reflected  with a story
 on diversity .

Basic maths

The children in class 2 started

using LearnTolearn.
They started discovering their own sets.
Classifying pieces. 

And then...  they built their own ducks.

They liked the activity a lot.