Thursday, 18 February 2016

We celebrate the birthday of the school's founder

On this day, 179 years ago, the founder of the religious congregation Hermanas Josefino Trinitarias, to which our school belongs,  was born. We have carried out several activities to conmemorate this date. First, in our classrooms, we have watched a video about Padre Eladio and his time. Then, we decided that students in year 5 and year 2 worked together.  It was funny: there were three couples of brothers and sisters working together:

They talked about what they  knew and shared information. 

Then, in pairs, they used BUILD TO EXPRESS to represent  important scenes in the life of Padre Eladio.


You can see here the results.

We have really enjoyed working together! It was a great experience mixing older and younger students in order to exchange information and then cooperate to build something together. We must use this way of of working more often!

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