Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Our friend Elmer

The story of Elmer is already one of our favourites as you can see on these posts:

Elmer and his friends

Open Day

This time, apart from enjoying the story and talk about the key message in it, we have used the tale to work with adjetives: comparatives and superlatives, both in English and in Spanish Language.

 The first thing we did was to watch the video of the story and to look for adjectives.

Then, they created very nice and different versions of Elmer. Some of them even created new friends and a brother called Tuticolor!

Then, we set them on the blackboard and they had to write sentences comparing them:



Here you have some examples. Can you try to  make sentences comparing them? We will be waiting for your comments! ( You can compare the trunks, the legs, the ears...)

Elmer 1

Elmer 2

Elmer 3

Elmer 4

Elmer 5

To finish, in pairs, they created a kind of leaflet analysing the elements of the story: characters, summary divided into beginning , middle and end, setting and they rated it.



For next time we will build Elmer with Lego, here you have the instructions in case you want to try!

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