Sunday, 28 February 2016

Where The Wild Things Are

Here is the starting point and source of inspiration for this post:

I cannot add anything else (only my own work). 

First, we read the story and watched these videos:

I did that with all the groups I am teaching: YEAR 1, YEAR 2, YEAR 4 AND YEAR 6, and I used different LEGO SETS.

With year 1 I used LEGO STORY TALES. 
In the picture you can see Max's room, Max travelling through the sea, and, of course, Wild Things:

With year 2 I used LEGO STORY STARTER.
Our aim was representing Wild Things...

Year 4 also used LEGO STORY STARTER, but in this case, they represented "the wild rumpus:"

And finally, in year 6 I used LEGO We Do. We used the following picture to build a Sailing Boat in storm:

That was the only thing I gave the students. They had to create the same boat without any instruction, just by looking a the picture...

It was difficult, as they had to infer how to connect the motor, the gears and arms. The final test is to connect the boat to the computer and programme it to move as if in a storm. That is the best way to check that their boat works: 

Here I include two links to my blogs in year 1:

and in year 2: 

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