Sunday, 7 February 2016

Charity Concert in our school

Every year in December our school organizes a charity concert. This year we raised money for a little, two-year-old Gosia, whose heart has a failure. She needs to be operated on, and we tried to help her as much as possible. 

We always bid the works of our student's, so everything that appears during the auctions is hand-made. There are also many students involved in the whole process of preparation. 
During the event many students perform, e.g. they sing, dance or play an instrument. Parents also contribute by baking delicious cakes.

Traditionally, we have 'special performance' at the end of the show. Our teachers always prepare some extra dance. This year it was Swan Lake. Everyone had so much fun. 

                                                           By Edyta Makulska, Katarzyna Dobrenko

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