Thursday, 11 February 2016

Division practice with Legos

Children of 3rd class have worked in four groups to create division problems using the Legos. 
They have chosen and selected accurately the lego bricks paying very close attention to the quantity, size and colour. 
Pupils have combined and assembled the lego bricks to make the dividend and the divisor of the problem, creating real contexts.
Before the division practice, I have suggested them to think about the proper question in relation to the division problem they have wanted to represent. Examples: if there are 20 lego bricks, how many legos does each of the 5 children get? How can you show "divide evenly by five" with your Lego pieces? How many trees for each house? How many chairs for each desk?...
They were able to solved the division problems making arrays of  lego bricks and constructions,and making groups of equal number of elements.

It’s funny and useful to practice division with legos!

If there are 20 lego bricks and five children, how many legos for each of them?

We have selected the lego bricks by colour, size and number to represent the division: 
13 trees divided by 4 houses

How many chairs for each desk?

A special Lego Birthday: let’s divide 18 candles by 2 lego cakes


  1. Wonderful activities! I am really missing my maths lessons, but I'm very happy to see your ideas; if were teaching maths I would used them, no doubt.

  2. This is freaking good. This Maths teacher rocks! I wish I were teaching Maths.