Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Over seven bridges

This was the subject of a walking day in our class 3b.
Through our town Gera goes the river "Weiße Elster". Across this river there are many bridges, you know. The walking tour should be across seven of them.
The children listened to a very famous German song. Here you can see a video and read the English translation. The boys and girls can sing the song by heart.

Over seven bridges
Sometimes I walk my road without view,
sometimes I wish back my rocking horse.
Sometimes I'm without rest and calm,
sometimes I close up all doors behind me.
Sometimes are me cold and sometimes are me hot,
sometimes I don't know what I know.
Sometimes I'm already tired in the morning
and then I seek comsolation in a song.

Over seven bridges you must go,
seven dark years survive,
seven times you'll be the ashes,
but once also the bright light.

Sometimes seems the clock of life to be standing still,
sometimes you seem only to walk in circle.
Sometimes you are suffer from wanderlust,
sometimes you sit quiet on a bench.
Sometimes you reach for the whole world,
sometimes you mean that falls the lucky star.
Sometimes you take, somewhere you rather give,
sometimes you hate that, what you even love.

Over seven brigdes you must go ...

The class talked about the meaning of the text. Then they built different bridges out of lego bricks.
They discovered the structure and how to make them strong.
In the end the class went on the walking day across seven bridges in Gera. Fantastic!
In a quiz they found out, what are the names of the bridges they crossed.
Silvia Mahrholdt

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

European Day of Languages

Next Saturday is the European Day of Languages.
You can find on this link materials ready to use in your classroom.

You can also find nice ideas if you write on Google:  "Etwinning European Day of Languages" This one is an example:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Colors and lego bricks

Why don't use lego bricks to teach colors in English ?
They learnt primary  colors  at first.

They found out  the bricks following teacher's instructions.

We played with paints  . From primary  to secondary  colors


 Assessment by a visual dictation: the teacher told them some colors, They chose them properly and then they repeated the sequence.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lego activity in first classes

A new school year has already started.
In each first class there is a lego corner.

They started playing freely and creatively.

What a better way to start knowing each other and cooperate together ?

Step by step into Lego adventure.Enjoy it!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

First page of english copybook

It is a tradition in English class.
At the begining of the year, we ask all the pupils to decorate the First page of their english copybook .
And, as you can see, we have wonderful works very different from one to another.

First English class

For the very first english class , pupils from CM1 had to remember the vocabulary we studied last year and we put the words on the correct place using PLAYMOBIL drawings.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Playing &cooperative learning

Children are are working in small groups : two students of primary and two or three kids of pre-primary.

They usually search mutually for understanding, solutions, meanings, or creating a product. Group challenges require learners to produce a product for a specified purpose. In this case : a better way of life in our town.

In these collaborative learning situations, pupils are not simply taking in new information or ideas - they are creating something new with the information and ideas.

Collaborative learning is an umbrella term for a variety of educational approaches. The teacher’s role is simlpy to create an environment where young people are willing and able to work collaboratively, where there are plenty of opportunities and stimulating contexts to work with others, to share their emerging ideas and understandings. 

Playing with lego bricks it's a great occasion to do this! I'm sure!

Talking about holiday experiences

In the beginning of the school year we talked about our summer holidays. The children created one experience with playmobile characters. Then they talked about it to a partner or to a group.

Grit Meßerschmidt
"One day we've been to the zoo...."

"We did a trip by boat on the river..."

Learning together makes it easier

Our pupils in the 4th grade (the last in our primary school) are always very eager to be responsible for something or somebody. We as the teacher are eager to give them the chance to.

So we asked for help in learning with lego in the youngest classes. The youngest enjoyed the lessons in the same way as the older ones. To listen to the declarations and instructions was as interesting as cute to us. Look at the photos how our pupils did their "job".

Our pupils don't know the slogan "Help me please in doing by myself." But unconsciously they do it.

Christiane Dube, Katrin Pursch

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our project on an article about innovation

An article about our project has been published on the newspaper "Magisterio" which is devoted to education.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

After- school activity: Theatre

Secondary students have recorded a video of the after-school activity where they learn to dramatize, improvise, playmaking and rehearsal techniques with their teacher Andrés Torijano.

They wanted to show what they do there and how much they enjoy it.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

BACK TO SCHOOL Time for discovery, exchanges and meetings

The sand stood on the beach, and pupils came back to school with their schoolbags full of school supplies without forgetting the blanket for the youngest.
At 8.30 am doors open and about 400 pupils discover or rediscover the playground.
We wait...we look around...
With a worried look or a look sparkling full of happiness, each child takes place in his classroom.
Now it´s Time for the First meeting with the teacher, First exchanges with other pupils and First discoveries.
This start of the School year was a real delight.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Etwinning Learning Events

With the beginning of the school year, etwinning gives european teachers the opportunity to take short intense courses that offer you an introduction to a topic, stimulates your ideas, helps develop your skills and does not require a long-term commitment in terms of your time. It is also designed to be an enjoyable learning experience.

Here you have the link where you can see the different topics and the dates for application, don't miss them! Etwinning learning events

Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome to the our new pupils

There is a special tradition in the eastern part of Germany to welcome the youngest pupils at school. It's celebrated at schools and in the families as a very big day for the boys and girls.
On Saturday morning the children come to the school together with their family. They carry the new schoolbag and come together to a big meeting.
There they watch the performance of the older pupils. This year they created the musical about Nils who wants to learn reading. Look how interested they listen and watch!

Then all new pupils are called to the stage. Together with their teacher they go for a first "lesson" into their new classroom.  All boys and girl find their place and are very excited. 
The highlight are the huge "Zuckertüten" the children get. The parents had have brought them secretly in before. Inside are a lot of sweets but also useful things for school and small games. In the end all children are standing together to be photographed.
At home the whole family has a big party with special lunch, games, surprises and diner.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LEGO Education training in Salamanca

To start the new school year, 16 teachers from our school have attended an intensive two days Lego training course. 
We had the opportunity to look into sets for pre-schoolers such as Story Tales, Animal Bingo and Tubes Experiment. All of these sets offer a wide range of activities that help them learn to follow rules, play collaboratively, experiment...

As you can see, we played with the sets as if we were pupils so, María Vázquez, our teacher, was most of the time walking around asking questions so that we had to deal with more and more difficult challengues.


We also used Learn to Learn sets and we did the activity "What's behind my back?"

Did you know what was the first toy that the Lego company built? A duck! and that is what we did, building a duck to see the almost endless combinations of just 6 bricks.

Then it was time to think about values, and we used Build to Express for that purpose.We learnt that with this set, kids can deal with conflicts between them. Each of them takes a set and builds what happened between them, then they think over it and put themselves in the other's place.

 What is "respect" for you?


We were also learning Maths with the More to Math set and activities.

                                    In this one we had to work out the distances of their shots.

  How can you get sets of 3 with different combinations?
 Building a snake like the one above.

Then we worked with Wedo and our laptops. The challengue was to build a fan to cool off the air!

We also created stories with StoryStarter.

To finish this great course, we took a photo of the whole group in our Lego Innovation Studio.

Thanks to María Vázquez, our "trainer", and to Robotix for having offered us such a complete and joyful training.