Wednesday, 2 September 2015

LEGO Education training in Salamanca

To start the new school year, 16 teachers from our school have attended an intensive two days Lego training course. 
We had the opportunity to look into sets for pre-schoolers such as Story Tales, Animal Bingo and Tubes Experiment. All of these sets offer a wide range of activities that help them learn to follow rules, play collaboratively, experiment...

As you can see, we played with the sets as if we were pupils so, María Vázquez, our teacher, was most of the time walking around asking questions so that we had to deal with more and more difficult challengues.


We also used Learn to Learn sets and we did the activity "What's behind my back?"

Did you know what was the first toy that the Lego company built? A duck! and that is what we did, building a duck to see the almost endless combinations of just 6 bricks.

Then it was time to think about values, and we used Build to Express for that purpose.We learnt that with this set, kids can deal with conflicts between them. Each of them takes a set and builds what happened between them, then they think over it and put themselves in the other's place.

 What is "respect" for you?


We were also learning Maths with the More to Math set and activities.

                                    In this one we had to work out the distances of their shots.

  How can you get sets of 3 with different combinations?
 Building a snake like the one above.

Then we worked with Wedo and our laptops. The challengue was to build a fan to cool off the air!

We also created stories with StoryStarter.

To finish this great course, we took a photo of the whole group in our Lego Innovation Studio.

Thanks to María Vázquez, our "trainer", and to Robotix for having offered us such a complete and joyful training.

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