Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome to the our new pupils

There is a special tradition in the eastern part of Germany to welcome the youngest pupils at school. It's celebrated at schools and in the families as a very big day for the boys and girls.
On Saturday morning the children come to the school together with their family. They carry the new schoolbag and come together to a big meeting.
There they watch the performance of the older pupils. This year they created the musical about Nils who wants to learn reading. Look how interested they listen and watch!

Then all new pupils are called to the stage. Together with their teacher they go for a first "lesson" into their new classroom.  All boys and girl find their place and are very excited. 
The highlight are the huge "Zuckertüten" the children get. The parents had have brought them secretly in before. Inside are a lot of sweets but also useful things for school and small games. In the end all children are standing together to be photographed.
At home the whole family has a big party with special lunch, games, surprises and diner.

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