Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Over seven bridges

This was the subject of a walking day in our class 3b.
Through our town Gera goes the river "Weiße Elster". Across this river there are many bridges, you know. The walking tour should be across seven of them.
The children listened to a very famous German song. Here you can see a video and read the English translation. The boys and girls can sing the song by heart.

Over seven bridges
Sometimes I walk my road without view,
sometimes I wish back my rocking horse.
Sometimes I'm without rest and calm,
sometimes I close up all doors behind me.
Sometimes are me cold and sometimes are me hot,
sometimes I don't know what I know.
Sometimes I'm already tired in the morning
and then I seek comsolation in a song.

Over seven bridges you must go,
seven dark years survive,
seven times you'll be the ashes,
but once also the bright light.

Sometimes seems the clock of life to be standing still,
sometimes you seem only to walk in circle.
Sometimes you are suffer from wanderlust,
sometimes you sit quiet on a bench.
Sometimes you reach for the whole world,
sometimes you mean that falls the lucky star.
Sometimes you take, somewhere you rather give,
sometimes you hate that, what you even love.

Over seven brigdes you must go ...

The class talked about the meaning of the text. Then they built different bridges out of lego bricks.
They discovered the structure and how to make them strong.
In the end the class went on the walking day across seven bridges in Gera. Fantastic!
In a quiz they found out, what are the names of the bridges they crossed.
Silvia Mahrholdt

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