Friday, 28 October 2016

It's Halloween time in Rodari School

In our school in this period there is a special tradition, a much awaited moment by all students.
The children prepare a pumpkin and they decorate with fantasy using any material.
Then the kids bring their pumpkins at school for the exbition. In the morning every student vote for their favourite and in the afternoon we are together for the final prize.
One teacher tells the legend of Jack and the lantern. At the end  rewards the most liked pumpkin.
It's scared....and very funny! Happy Halloween!

Hungry pumpkin
Inside out pumpikin
Get in line pumpkins

30 Colour Bricks

Yesterday, in the afterschool club, we increased the challenge proposed in this post:

We used the same procedure, but to increase the difficulty, we decided to spin the roulette 30 times and we would only use those bricks to build a story.

Why The baobabs ?

Laetitia, one teacher of us went during her last holidays to Senegal. She came in my classroom and She shared her experience with her visit in a School with photos and comments. Courses are given in french even if they don't SPEAK this langage at home.
They are more than 40 per class they have few material but they possess a great desire to learn and a big respect for School like their families.
We compared our lives in School and we decorated baobabs (symbol of africa) with colourful patterns found on the internet. During this work, I asked my pupils aged 6 and 8 to think of those kids who do not have the material that we have.

El Barato

"El Barato" is one of the best known toy shops in Salamanca. One of our students is the owner's son. 

From here, we have to thank them for having contributed with these great toys to our Lego Education and Innovating Studio.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Last school year...
Before the beginning of the holidays...
We planted some apple trees in our school garden...
Trees have been growing since them, we watched them patiently, waiting for the special moment of...

This is one of our apple trees, its apples are yellow

Once apples picked, it's time for them to be tasted together!

Here they are, 5 yo children cutting apples and making a fruit salad


Now it's time for everybody to taste our homemade fruit salad...
wait a second, please everyone grab its own fork and glass to be filled up with delicious apples

back to the classrooms, it's time for some works of art based on apple picking theme

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Gaming maths- Thanks for the idea

Thank you Maide in Salamanca for the idea! Doing multiplication in this way was a great experience for my pupils in Germany. By the way they connected the task with the content of an area.
We choose a sheet in size A 5. The pupils aged 9-11 took dices with numbers 0-10 or more. Next time we'll try it in groups of three.
Silvia Hoffmann

Science Fair

The Science Fair in our school was a great event.

We invited a real scientist from The Academy of Science.

Children were very excited...

...and interested.

He presented them some very interesting experiments.

Sometimes even funny:)

Misterious  substances..

... hidden in the box.

The students could touch them,


...and see everything clearly.

The best part was...


Of course!

Everyone was really amazed, including our scientist:)