Sunday, 16 October 2016

Meeting in Saronno

Once again, here we are, all together but this time in Saronno, Italy. The fifth transnational meeting was about to start, and we were more than ready to catch up and have a really good time working together.

In Saronno we were truly welcomed by our Italian colleagues. They showed us all the buildings, which compose the I.C.S. Ignoto Militi School. It is a comprehensive school which encloses infant school, primary and secondary school.

The first day, we visited the building for secondary school. This day was very special, because the children showed us the city of Sarrono with an activity, which is called "Discovering Saronno.". At this time we had the chance to interact with all the pupils while they were performing many stories related to the history of the city.

After having a really good time in secondary school, we went to the Gianni Rodary school building, for primary school. That day, we had the opportunity to enjoy many performances in which children were the real main characters.

Our last point was Ignoto Militi building, for primary school. We were really happy enjoying all the performances the children had been preparing for all of us. It was a really special day because we could interact with all of the children and the teachers, as well. 

At the meetings we discussed different activities for our project, we shared the ideas and set our goals for the future work. Also, we had the chance to meet the canceller for culture of the city, who was really interest in the project, and expressed her intention to empower it in the cultural context of the city.

Not only did we have a chance to work together but also enjoy and admire the beauty of Milan and the Como Lake. Additionally, when we were in Como, we visited a Montessori school where teachers showed us different methodologies.

Thank you our Italian friends for your hospitality and all the special moments we shared together.

See you soon, in Germany!


  1. Nicely said. I think we all share your opinion.

  2. Thank you Joanna, we had a really great time!