Friday, 1 July 2016

Democracy with playmobile

Every year there is a special meeting for the speakers of the peergroups. In each class are two pupils elected to live democracy also in this age.
In the recent meeting they discussed about democracy and found out what does it mean to the people. They again used playmobile characters to visualize this hard topic. They created posters and lapbooks.
After the hard work they went to the climbing area in our wood. There they enjoyed the challenge.
Grit Meßerschmidt

Meeting room

Free elections


Democracy- What ist it to us?


The rooster

Otto Dix (1891-1969) was a famous artist and was born in our city Gera. In this year there would be the 125. birthday of Otto Dix. Since that the towns mayor has announced an award for the best childrens arts belonging to the great son of our town.
Our art tea
cher was wondering for a longer time, because Otto Dix has also created some paintings about the war and the hard life of poor people. Not each one can be understood by our children. So she choose "The rooster".
The pupils in our 4th grade got known to the painting and they decided to create their own rooster. They did very different linocuts. First to draw it, then to cut it into the linoleum, than to cover it carefully with colour and eventually to press it on a piece of paper. Hard job!

 And they got the award!! Congratulations!
 They won one day and a guided tour in the zoo! And they could baptize two roosters!
 Silvia Hoffmann