Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pre-assessment video clips with Adobe Voice

Before every assessment, pupils make a video where they deal about what they learnt what they have to remember concerning the lesson. For that, pupils work with the application ADOBE VOICE. They must talk together and focus on the most important points that have to appear on the video.

Then, they make a storyboard using different slides with the written text, sounds and images to insert. And finally, they work on their iPads to complete their videos. Once their task is finished, and when the teacher allows it, the video is published on our Twitter (@classeclements).

Pupils can have a look on it in class whenever they want with the code QR.
Pupils enter the code with the application I-nigma on the iPad and they fall immediately on the video. This is a very interesting toolkit because the child is able to talk about what he learnt, the main ideas of the lesson and he can value his work.

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