Monday, 1 May 2017

The authentic task

The authentic task is defined as an assignment which aims at stimulating children's capability of building up their own knowledge in real contexts. 

In other words, real life situations provide them with tools they can use to solve everyday situations and future challenges.

Each authentic task is highly personalized, each child is capable of fulfilling a task based on his own background provided with hits by adults.

In this post, we are going to present an example of an authentic task, specifically tuned and realized starting from a real life situation: TAKING CARE OF SNAILS.

A girl of our kindergarten brought a couple of snails, found in her backyard, to school.
She named them: Lina Verdolina and Tina Brillantina.

She provided them with a box full of grass, salad, and flowers. Snails stayed a few days in they new home and all of a sudden one of the two escaped from the box.

 Children started looking for it and they found it under a furniture.

It was at that time, everybody realized a bigger place was needed to host both of them.

Children were asked (along with their parents) to look for some information related to snail life cycle. Pupils brought to school drawings, pictures, and some other stuff, we made a poster putting together the materials. We created a clock about the daily routine of snails similarly to children's one.

We learned snails need food, fresh water, a box to be their home, soil, twigs, flowers, leaves, daisies and grass.

In school garden, we built a heart-shaped house up for snails.

Back in our classrooms, we reproduced some more "natural" hearts. Children glued some pieces of paper by means of collage technique to obtain heart-shaped work of art!

Next step was to shape a new heart using Lego. Children were asked to work in a team to combine natural elements and Lego bricks!

We wanted to thank Tina and Verdolina so then we provided them a new house!
Verdolina and Tina have a bigger and cozier place to live in!

During weekends in a rotating way, children are going to host at their place the two snails in order to take care of them, bringing them back to school each Monday!

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