Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A talking tower

A main aim in language learning is talking about an event. The children should learn to speak in whole sentences and fluently- first in their mother tongue.
I used six bricks to help them to match and remember the sentences. In year 1 the sentences are easy. It was an event in the past. You can also use the present form.

The thunderstorm (white brick)
The clouds became black.
It started to rain cats and dogs.
The meadow became wet.
The firebrigade had to come and help.
After all the sun was shining again.

 It was a thunderstorm the weekend before. The children built the sentences out of their experiences according the colour of the brick I showed to them. After each brick we spoke the story. Then the children wrote the words, drawed the colours and pictures. The next lesson they can tell the story with the bricks in the hand to a partner, create a written story or a drawing.
Children enjoyed. They have spoken clearly and fluently.
Silvia Hoffmann

The talking tower
Colours- words- pictures
Unfortunately the colours are not visible.

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