Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Getting started with LEGO Education LearnToLearn

I'm trying to introduce LEGO Education LearnToLearn into my Grade 4 classroom by implementing Building License activities 1 to 3. These three activities will help me to create guidelines and successful management systems for using bricks in my classroom. 

Activity 1: Pupils explore their LearnToLearn sets and practise management skills.

Activity 2: Pupils will sort and categorise bricks in different ways.

Activity 3: Pupils will work together to create a set of common names for their bricks.

Pupils have sorted by colour

Pupils have sorted by shape

Then I will progress to the activity called “Building Licence – Ready, Set, Build!”, in which pupils will demonstrate their readiness to participate in future activities. When complete, pupils will receive Building Licences, which they can display proudly!

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