Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Building Licence – Ready, Set, Build!

Objective: Pupils will create a Class Guidelines List and demonstrate the knowledge they have gained from the last three activities to receive a Building Licence.

Activity steps

1. Invite the pupils to recall the brick names list they created. Tell them that today they will create a “brick guidelines list”. Ask the pupils to brainstorm the guidelines for successful construction. Write them where everyone can see.

2. Ask the pupils to use their LearnToLearn sets and ask them to select the eight bricks shown in the sidebar illustration using the names from the brick names list.

3. Ask the pupils to build a duck, any way they like, using all eight bricks. As they build, remind them of the guidelines they have created.

4. When the pupils have finished building, ask them to label and place their ducks together so they can compare them. How are they similar and/or different? Pointout that each pupil used the same bricks, yet each duck is unique! The pupils canadapt their approach when completing future activities because they are all unique individuals!

5. Congratulate the pupils on following the guidelines. Hand out a Building Licence for each pupil to fill in.

6. Ask the pupils to tidy up using the Element Overview or the Mr. Learnie model.

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