Saturday, 14 March 2015

LEGO scene reading

This time I asked my students to construct a LEGO kitchen scene and include a LEGO Minifigure in it. Here you have one of the scenes they constructed.

Using this image and the realia, I revised and pre-taught the necessary vocabulary and structures by asking my class different types of questions, eg. Is Joanna young or old? to elicit She's young; Is she in the bathroom or in the kitchen? to elicit She's in the kitchen; Is she sitting or standing? to elicit She's sitting, etc. 

I continued with questions to practice all the structures in the activity, e.g. Has she got an apple or an orange? Is she wearing a skirt or trousers? Is she drinking orange juice or milk? Is there a book or a teddy bear in her bag? 

I went on to use a different question form, e.g. Is Joanna in the kitchen? to elicit Yes, she is; Is she standing near the cooker? to elicit No, she isn't; Has she got a plum? to elicit No, she hasn't

I practised with questions words, e.g. Where's Joanna? to elicit She's in the kitchen. Where's she sitting? to elicit She's sitting at the table; What's she doing? to elicit She's eating an apple/drinking orange juice; What's she eating /drinking? How many bags are there under the table?

Then we chose the correct words from the following sentences: 

- She's in the kitchen/bathroom.
- She's sitting/standing.
- She's got a banana/apple.
- She's wearing a skirt/trousers.
- She's drinking orange juice/milk.
- There are pictures/shelves on the wall.
- Joanna's bag's on/under the table.
- The cat's behind/in front of Joanna. 
- There's a toy/book in Joanna's bag.
- The yellow mug is next to the window/door

For an end I divided the class into pairs: As and Bs. As asked Bs questions about the display for B's to answer, e.g. Is Joanna young or old? Is she in the bathroom or in the kitchen? Is the bag on the table? Where's her bag? Where's the yellow mug? They then swapped the roles.

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