Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Double Lotties by Erich Kästner

Our school is named after the great German writer and journalist Erich Kästner. On the 26th of February there was his 116 birthday. All pupils in our school joined in a special literature project. We splitted the famous childrens book „The double Lotties“ into 12 parts-chapters. Then every class and teacher chose a medium to performance the story. We are all very curious of he final movie. It's not finished yet because of some technical trifles. But there are some photos. They show the kids doing a shadow play, a listening story, a sound story, a rod puppet play, theatre, comics, a photo story with Playmobils, a Playmobil cartoon and a mixed cartoon. The most of them did a storyboard at the very beginning to create the set. Our pupils in the 4th grades are relly experts in storyboard, creating the sets and managing the camera, computer and software. These kids will leave our school in summer to learn at the next schools. What a shame! But we are proud of them! Well done!

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