Friday, 15 April 2016

The evolution of the Earth

After studying the stages of the birth of Earth, the children of class third have created a model to represent it using different techniques and materials.

I started with the subject Art, proposing the construction of a tridimensional timeline that represent the evolution of the Earth and the inhabitants (first part: sea world; second part: Earth at the dinosaur's age; third part: Earth at the age of the man's birth). I prepared the setting: 3 groups of desks where were positioned the materials to create the three parts of the timeline and two groups to create dinosaurs, men and other details.

The children were divided in 5 groups and they turned on all the tables to bring a contribution at all the part of the timeline.

Sea World

Dinosaur's age

The beginning man's evolution
At the end I have assembled all parts.

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  1. I am really impressed! It looks wonderful. I am sure you and your pupils have enjoyed a lot.