Thursday, 28 April 2016

Earth day in Germany

In Germany we also teach our children about the importance to save our world, our nature. We organize lessons, projects and learning possibilities outside the school- closed to the nature. They should feel, smell, taste, hear and see our nature. So they can love and save the world.
Our children love to go for some days into a youth hostel to spend the time with doing science project with experts, special and their own teachers. This very youth hostel in Gera is nearly in the middle of the wood.
From the 18th to the 22nd of April two classes stayed there for 5 days. They went for hiking, they built huts, they made things out of wood, they cut trees and they created a mask play on the nature stage in the wood.
In the afternoons the spent lots of time together: going to the cinema, going for bowling, climbing, romping around, sitting around a campfire, playing games, having the meals. They stayed over night, ofcourse. They discovered the nature and were enjoying the whole adventure.
The parents pay for this week around 75€. Some get the money back from the social security.
Grit Meßerschmidt

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