Friday, 1 April 2016

Storytelling Fair

Storytelling is an ancient and valuable art .
Storytelling is a great skill to teach to children. It helps improve their language skills, free their imagination.
Students can develop their own storytelling talents  and perform a story for other children or parents in different ways.
As long as there have been people, there have been stories. From the stories told in paintings on the ancient caves  to the bedtime stories  Stories began with the oral tradition, later, people began to write the stories down, but children still love to listen to stories .
 Stories are powerful. They can teach:
- morals and the values
- culture and tradition
- and more else...
 They can entertain us, they can make us think about different  things of our life.
Before start using lego storystarter with class 1, we decided to try a TPR storytelling ( Total Physical response), in which children were completely involved not only thinking and telling but physically building the story, sentence by sentence.

We start with a storytelling lab.
Each child chose an object and write its name on a cloth stripe. Then they build a sentences about this object,e.g "A Big vase" became"a Big vase full of flowers is on a table".
They have to weave with their own thread vertically from the top to the bottom.
Meanwhile they were practically doing this, they have to tell their mates nearby their own sentences and  join all the sentences in a short story so the elements/object became two,three...  and the situation more complex.
Sharing words and ideas the stories developed little by little. 
With the horizontal threads they could add a place in common with different  objects. 

At the end they built up a story in group.

Finally the told the story to the classmates and they listen to the others'stories.
 Then with a dice floor game we started our Story Telling fair:one afternoon full of stories.
The children learnt a lot with fun! Next step :  Lego storystarter!

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