Friday, 8 April 2016

Famous childrens books- exhibition VII

"The gruffalo"
Thanks to our Spanish friends for ideas about the Gruffalo last autumn and Miguel in March! There are lots of materials available for this very nice stories.
Our pupils in class 4b, aged about 10 years prefered to produce a cartoon. It was the first time we've tried to use characters out of plastic dough. It's not so easy because you need a wire skeleton inside to make them robust.
The children did the same steps like in "The big word factory". But the photographes are taken from the front. When the cartoon is uploaded in youtube, you all can see the German and the English version of it.
The 10 years old boy and girls also went to their partner class, aged 7 years and did a presentation about the story. The younger ones also showed their drawings and textes.
In our exhibition we can see the scenery, the characters, some photographs taken during the set, ...
Kathrin Pursch/ Frank Karbstein

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