Friday, 1 April 2016

Animals with lego bricks

Class 2 of G.Rodari Primary school worked with lego bricks about animals.
Nothing is better than build out freely, without following instruction .
How to build animals out of the lego bricks you a have...
let's have a look, learn to build a whale !

The children chose their own animal and the habitat.
Here a cat with its bowl.
A giraffe in the savannah. 

At the end they have to show their lego works to the class and describe the animal and the habitat.
Here a frog in a pond.
A ghepard. 
A Long snake.

A bird with its nest. 
A big lion. 

Next step, in order to improve their English they will learn the names of the animals and build simple sentences with :"It is.../it ha s got... "
A family of crocodiles.

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