Sunday, 24 April 2016

Different celebrations on the 22nd and 23rd April

As you know, on 22nd April Earth Day is celebrated. Year 5 pupils watched this video that is from this previous post: The giving tree and they connected the video ideas with what they understood as taking care of nature and the Earth.

Some days before, some pupils went to a square in the neighbourhood of the school and they planted some flowers. Different businesses, organisations, schools,etc. that are in the neighbourhood are creating these small gardens and pupils have to water and look after the plants.


Then  we were talking about 'Book day' celebration on the 23rd of April. As you may know, this year it is celebrated the 400th anniversary of two very famous writers: Cervantes and Shakespeare's death. I played these videos about Cervantes and Shakespeare so that they know more about them.

These two are for kids, they are in Spanish. The second one is about a very famous chapter in Don Quixote, the most famous book by Cervantes.

We were also talking about Saint George, the patron of England which is the 23rd as well. A week before we had been visiting some monuments in Salamanca, and in some of them Saint George is represented. Here you have a proof of it.

Here you have a video about the story of Saint George and the Dragon for the kids:

Lots of important celebrations on the 22nd and the 23rd of April, and lots of cultural aspects to learn from them!

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