Saturday, 9 April 2016

The dream catcher

This year in my classroom every week I read to my students a chapter of the book "The GGG" by Roald Dahl. I like this author and the kids love him.

So we have decided to make a dream catcher like the Giant and we get know its history.

We read and understand the indian legend.


Long before the arrival of the white man, in a Cheyenne village lived a girl whose name was Cloud Makers.

One day the girl said to her mother, Last Sigh of the Evening : "when night falls, often comes a black bird feeding, pick pieces of my body and I eat until you arrive, light as the wind, and send him away. But I do not understand what all this ". 

With great maternal love Last Sigh of the Evening reassured the little saying: "the things you see at night are called dreams and the black bird that arrives is only a shadow that comes to save you" cool cloud said, "but I am so afraid , I would only see white shadows are good. " 

Then the wise mother, she knew in her heart it would be unfair to close the door to the fear of his daughter, he invented a round net for fishing in the lake dreams of the night, then he gave the object a magical power: recognizing good dreams, that is, those useful for the spiritual growth of her child, from the bad, that is meaningless and misleading. Last Sigh of the Evening built many dream catcher and hung them on the cradles of all the small
village of Cheyenne. As the children grew adorned their catcher with items to their loved ones and the magic power grew and grew and grew with them ... Every Cheyenne retains his catcher for life, as a sacred object bearer of strength and wisdom.
Even today, centuries later, whenever a child is born, the Indians build a dreamcatcher and place
it above his crib. With a special, very flexible wood, shaping a circle, which represents theuniverse, and intertwine
within it similar to a spider web network. The web then assign the task of capturing and retaining
all the dreams that the childwill do. 
Whether it will be positive dreams, dream catcher will entrust them tothe wire beads
(the forces of nature) and will make them come true. If you judge them rather negative, 
deliver them to the feathers of a bird and will make them take away, away, 
scattering them in heaven ...

So with the magic in the heart we have realized the dream catcher. At the end we wrote the regulatory text on how it was built. Every child has decided its materials and they embellished in a creative and personal way.


Then everyone has invented a magic formula or a chant to give power to his dream catcher such as: 
" Big sky great, land a leaf falls to the ground"
"Shining Star is a dazzling light"


Finnaly, as a good omen, we wrote dream catcher's poem.
Hanging by the window,
the dream catcher waits,
to catch me a dream, that's hopefully great. 
Quiet and still, it waits in the night,
to catch a dream, traveling in flight.
Its web is of leather, its feathers light,
the magic it works, carries great height.
Will it bring me a lover, a funny story or song?
or, will it bring nightmares
where everything goes wrong...
The time is now near, for me to lie down
and wait for a dream that's happy and sound.
Dream catcher, dream catcher,
caution you please,
my heart is now calm, my mind is at ease... 
Go in the night and find what you will,
catch me a dream
that's meaningful and still.......



 Good night and sweet dreams to all

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