Friday, 8 April 2016

Famous childrens books- exhibition IV

"The big word factory"
When we've seen the exhibition in Clermont- Ferrand about childrens work out of famous childrens books we got very interested in this book. Can you remember the nice factory made by the French pupils? In Wales we've decided to change more ideas in learning about literature.
Here comes the German "Die große Wörterfabrik".
In one week the class 3b created together with two teachers a cartoon. These are the steps of working out the cartoon:
1. Reading the story/ Creating a story
2. Creating a storybook/ script
3. Building/ Making the sceneries, the characters
4. Producing the cartoon pictures- working with "trickboxx"
5. Recording the sounds
6. Matching pictures and sounds
7. Watching the cartoon (for our partners in Europe when it'll been uploaded in youtube)
(Silvia Mahrholdt/ Petra Külbel)

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